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Suprolo characters

Suprolos are funny characters hard to resist.
There are innumerous suprolos. They all look different, with curly tales, dots and hearts.
But one thing they all have in common: they are literally attractive. You just have to look at them.
Apply a suprolo character on your own product and it will become instantly more attractive.
Let suprolos be your driving power in sales.



Suprolo products

Instead of applying a suprolo character on your product, it is also possible to make suprolo products. Like a suprolo mascot, a suprolo cuddle figure, suprolo juwelery, suprolo pottery, suprolo fabrics for clothes or curtains, suprolo tapestry and all sorts of other suprolo products. The possibilities are endless.



Check out examples below!

You’re still there?

May be you would like to know more about these suprolos?





How to?

These suprolos come in numbers, there are 288 to choose from. You can give them any colour or size you like. It is easy. Just pick the suprolo you fancy, buy a license, follow the license instructions and create your own suprolo product or apply a suprolo character on your own products.



Suprolo licenses

MAM productions introduces 3 types of license for the use of suprolo characters:
• the single
• the promotional
• the extended suprolo license
In all cases a black and white picture in vector format will be delivered. The advantage of a vector format is that the picture can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality.











Single suprolo license

The single suprolo license is meant for a one-off use without the intention of reselling the illustration.
Use the single suprolo license for an illustration on your website or blog, in your digital newsletter, in a banner or in a presentation etc. In magazine articles, as part of a leaflet, in a book, on posters etc.


Cost single suprolo license: 66,- euro ex VAT.


Not: postcards, stickers, posters that only have the suprolo illustration. These applications are covered by the extended suprolo license (see below).

































Promotional license

Under a promotional license a character is coupled with a product for a given period or time for the promotion of sales, or for the introduction of a new product. The product is unchanged, but it has enhanced visibility with the inclusion of a suprolo illustration.
There are various possibilities: printing on a package or including the suprolo as a gift in the form of a doll, button or sticker.
In this way a product gains extra attention from potential buyers over a short or longer time and can contribute to the growth of revenue.
It is possible to use several suprolos in a promotional case.


The cost is dependent on the number of characters and the length of the promotion action. We deliver custom made solutions for this type of licensing.


Cost: from 600,- euro ex VAT.





Extended suprolo license

By an extended license the right is given to reproduce or modify a suprolo character on your own product. These can be various types of products: clothes, packing materials, toys, decorations, tableware, foodstuffs. It is also possible to reproduce suprolos as plush figures.
An extended license is completed in the form of a contract signed by both parties.


Cost: customized



The name ‘suprolo’ and the appearance of each one are registered and may not be used without permission. The suprolo number uniquely identifies each character. The signature and the number with the mark belong to each suprolo character and they must be pictured near the character.


* Estare: Suprolo, Sant Julià de Lòria.
All rights reserved.


The asterisk refers to the text:
‘Estare: Suprolo, Sant Julià de Lòria. All rights reserved’. This text has to be placed (somewhere) on the product for which the suprolo character is used. The normal copyright reference can be placed next to it.




The creators

The Artists Suprolo first introduced Suprolo Art in 1984. This art form is a part of the psychic movement in the arts, which speaks to many psychic elements in people, like humor, creactivity, youthfulness, self-confidence, a feeling of adventure, progressiveness, enjoyment of life, etc.
Suprolos appeal to these qualities in people.


Since the ‘80’s the Artists Suprolo created many art works, like suprolo gouaches, suprolo papier-mâché, suprolo tapestry, etc. These are unique items.
For the commercial market they created a suprolo catalogue with 12.000 different suprolo characters.
MAM productions arranges the sale of the suprolo licenses.




Free trial for new customers

Since you have come so far by reading the above, we reckon you might be interested in suprolo characters. In order to become familiar with suprolo characters, we offer you a free trial. Please contact us for more information and details at: suprolo@mamproductions.nl


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